Free 2 Learn™

Together we can build a workforce for the future

Every year, we help more than 10,000 unemployed people break into the world of work by offering them free vocational training, and putting them in touch with employers who value their skills.

We’re looking for FE Colleges as well as other public, private and not-for-profit organisations to partner with us and build an accomplished, more productive workforce for the future.

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Partner with the best

Why partner with us?

We have the passion and proven experience to deliver the results that you need:

  • We have 98% achievement rate across different qualifications
  • We already successfully train over 10,000 unemployed people every year
  • We have our own Online Job Board, with opportunities sourced specially for our learners
  • All our vocational courses are fully accredited and on LARA
  • Our classroom-based, 2-4 week programmes give you 100% transparency of where your learners are at all times

Who are we and what do we do?

Free2Learn is a pioneering training organisation with an innovative, acutely targeted approach to helping people find employment or build their own business.

We have strong relationships with Jobcentre Plus and other referral agencies, and work with people of all ages and backgrounds. Our offering is tailored to both jobseekers' and employers' needs, and our bespoke vocational programmes combine necessary qualifications and skills – giving jobseekers the abilities and confidence they need to enter the workplace. We'll help you to meet your contract allocation strategically and successfully, and increase the flexibility of your organisation's offering.

Reap the benefits of our experience

Partner with us and your organisation will benefit from:

  • A strategic approach to your contract allocation
  • Visibility and clarity through transparent contracts, rigorous scrutiny and careful monitoring of quality, delivery and compliance
  • Regular communication and a pro-active approach, with regular progress reports and recommendations for action and improvements
  • Peace of mind through our effective management, timely completion and assurance of quality delivery – and our exceptional reputation
  • Big savings on time and resources
  • A beneficial, competitive sharing of skills

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