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Lantian being helped into full time work at Queen Elisabeth Park by Free2Learn

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Lantian was unemployed for nearly 1 year before she came to Free2Learn and was finding it extremely tough to find a job. When she had previously applied for jobs, she was shortlisted, but never heard anything more or was never offered a job. 

Lantian's friends, who had previously successfully completed their courses at Free2Learn, recommended her to attend the classes. She gained employment as a result of contacting Free2Learn.

After completing her pre-employment Free2Learn course, Job interviews were arranged for Lantian by the Free2Learn recruitment team. She attended various job interviews with employers, one of them being with the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. She was offered a full time Job as a Crowd Safety Steward and is extremely happy to be helped into full time work with the help of Free2Learn.

After successfully completing her FREE training course, Lantian no longer felt insecure about her ability to be able to pursue her chosen career. 

Lantian now had the confidence to deal with public, diffuse situations, be professional at all times and taking pride of her personal presentation which was all taught as part of her Free2Learn course. The employer commented on her enthusiasm and professionalism during her interview and immediately identified which team she was to join on site. Lantian commented on how she felt encouraged, informed and supported every step of the way by Free2Learn and would advise anyone thinking of joining a course with Free2Learn to “Go for it! It’s my dream job come true!”.