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Great Success of Free2Learn Barking helping their unemployed learner back into full time employment

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Katarzyna had been unemployed for 10 months when she came to the Free2Learn Barking branch after being made redundant whilst working in a Hostel in East London. She has a young son to support and being a single parent wasn’t easy.  She looked forward to the day that she could go home and tell her son that she finally got a job.

Katarzyna first heard about Free2Learn courses through Jobcentre Plus and she felt that the extra qualifications would look good on her CV and give her an extra advantage when finding work.

Katarzyna enrolled into the FREE Free2Learn training and employability program and passed all her exams with flying colours. She received her certificates and also her SIA badge which was fully paid for by Free2Learn. After finishing attending her course, job interviews were arranged by the Free2Learn recruitment team with employers for Katarzyna.  After attending various job interviews Katarzyna is has been successfully offered full time employment.

She felt really  terrible while being unemployed and  thankfully to Free2Learn she was offered her first job interview after 10 months  unemployment which has raised her confidence once again.

Katarzyna says that she still keeps in touch with friends made whilst on the course and she enjoyed learning new skills and is very proud of her new qualifications that she has gained thanks to Free2Learn.

  “Go and do a course with Free2Learn because it’s definitely worth it and like me, you gain valuable qualifications and you also  get help to get a job! ” Katarzyna P.